TLILIC0024 Licence to operate a vehicle loading crane (capacity 10 metre tonnes and above)

VLC (over 10 metre/tonnes) High Risk Work Licence

Courses Info

capacity 10 metre tonnes or more

Course Outcome

On successful completion of this course, learners will be issued with a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment for the above unit of competency and will ensure learners are eligible to apply for their High Risk Work CV Licence.

Course Overview

This unit specifies the outcomes required to operate a vehicle loading crane with a capacity of 10 metre tonnes or more, mounted on a vehicle for the principle purpose of loading and unloading such a vehicle, including the application of load estimation and slinging techniques to move a load, for licensing purposes.


The course is conducted over 24 hours and includes theory and practical. The theoretical components will be conducted in the classroom face-to-face and the practical elements will be demonstrated, practiced and assessed in a simulated environment or approved workplace location.

Training Location

Training can be conducted at our Laverton training centre or on your premises provided certain requirements are met.

Learners must be over the age of 18 to be eligible to undertake a HRW assessment.

Learners must hold a Construction Induction Card / White Card (or equivalent)

Learners must undertake a Language, Literacy and Numeracy assessment to assist in determining suitability.

Assessments must be carried out in English.

Birth Certificate, Drivers Licence or Passport must be presented as evidence of ID.