RIW program

RIW program

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What is the RIW Program?

The RIW Program is a national competency management program which is owned by the Australasian Railway Association (ARA) and is endorsed by its member organisations.

The RIW Program supports the rail industry by allowing participant organisations full visibility of workers moving between projects and employers, maintaining a single electronic record about each worker’s health, education and competencies.

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What do I need to apply for an RIW card?

To apply for an RIW card you require the following

  1. White card
  2. A rail approved medical suitable for the job role
  3. Safely Access the rail corridor training along with any suitable for the network
  4. A passport size headshot photo
  5. Photo id

All card holders are given job roles which reflects the training they have completed, different job roles will require different competencies please check the link below to find out what training you will require.


How long will it take to receive your RIW card?

Once ordered, your card can take approximately 7 days to be manufactured and dispatched from Melbourne, Victoria via Australia Post. Please allow up to 14 days for delivery, if you haven’t received your RIW card please contact your Employer to follow up the status of the physical RIW card or contact RIW on 1300 101 682. In the meantime, the cardholder can use their virtual RIW card to access site.

How do I apply for an RIW card?

RIW cards can only be requested by an approved company registered in the RIW System. If your current employer is not registered with the RIW System (or you are a sole trader), you can register to become an approved company providing you have a current ABN number. ATS are an approved company and can arrange an RIW card for students that have completed training with us.

Does and RIW card expire?

Yes – Rail Industry Worker (RIW) cards have a lifespan of 5 years. The RIW cards are smartcard enabled, which means they house a chip which holds information to allow the card to be read offline with certain devices. To ensure the integrity of the chip, the card must be replaced every 5 years.