Rail Welding Courses

Rail Welding Courses

Courses Info

TLIW3015 Weld rail using aluminothermic welding process

TLIB3102 Adjust rail

TLIW0004 Grind rails

TLIW0006 Heat and cut materials using oxy/LPG equipment for the rail industry

Course Outcome

Learners who successfully complete this course will be issued with nationally recognised Statements of Attainment for each unit of competency successfully completed – *Rail Network Operators may have specific competency requirements to carry out this type of work on their infrastructure and additional training may be required.

Course Overview

This course is intended for experienced rail workers who may have worked in rail labourer roles and are now looking to move forward in their career within the specific field of track welding.

The combination of these units provides learners with the fundamental skills and knowledge required to prep rail prior to welding, weld rail using the aluminothermic process, grind the rail profile of joints, check track geometry, adjust rail and complete required documentation on completion of work.


These units can be done individually or combined in one course. Course duration will depend on the individual’s circumstances and the units chosen.

Individual units can take from one up to three days depending on the complexity of the specific unit of competency or, if undertaken as a combined course, 5 days of initial theory and practical training which enables the participant to work under supervision and complete a set number of welds and rail adjustments before undertaking a final practical assessment.

For further information or to discuss your specific circumstances please call us on 1300 772 728.

Training Location

Training and assessment can be carried out at ATS’s Laverton centre but for the majority of courses, due to the specific requirements of the practical element for the welding unit, training and assessment is carried out on the customer’s premises.

Previous experience of working on the rail infrastructure is recommended but not essential.

Learners must undertake a Language, Literacy and Numeracy assessment to assist in determining suitability.